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WOLF Positive Behavior Program at Willis Road Elementary School


PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral and Instructional Supports.

                   PBIS is a research-based, positive, incentive-based program

                   which recognizes students for appropriate behaviors.






Being a WOLF


Work Hard


   Own Their Behavior


          Listen, Look and Learn


           Focus on Respect

Being a WOLF is a school-wide expectation of all students in all areas of our school.


Gotchas and Reminders

Students who exhibit the behaviors that are listed on the WOLF matrix will be rewarded with a green "gotcha." Each green gotcha is worth one point. Students may also earn a "blue gotcha"  from an administrator for exhibiting behavior that is above and beyond the behaviors listed on the matrix. Each blue gotcha is worth five points. Finally, students who attend an after-school PTO function can earn a 20 point "Golden Gotcha." 


These  "gotchas" may be redeemed for special prizes, awards, or activities.

Click here for an extended list of rewards, prizes, and activities

White "reminders" are given to students when they display negative or

inappropriate behaviors. Each white "reminder" equals three points off

the student's conduct grade for the current grading period. You will receive

a carbon copy of any white reminder your child receives. You are to look

at the white "reminder", talk with your child about his or her behavior, sign

the "reminder," and give it to your child to return to his or her teacher the

next school day.



Gotcha Menu

WOLF Matrix

PBIS Behavior Program

Who can give Gotchas?


All adults involved in the students’ daily activities including cafeteria staff, custodians, office staff, bus drivers, paraprofessionals, administrators, and teachers. 

Students may even ask an adult for a “gotcha” for another student if they feel that a student has done something deserving of a “gotcha”.  The student must explain why they are requesting to give the “gotcha”, and the adult will make the final decision on whether to approve the request.

Individual vs. Class Gotchas

Green "gotchas" can be earned by individual students and by whole classes.

If a class earns a green gotcha for positive behavior as a group, the teacher keeps the gotcha and determines how to reward the entire class after they have accumulated a certain number of green "gotchas" (pizza party, free ice cream for the class, popcorn party, etc.). It is up the individual teacher to determine how and when to reward his or her class.

If a class earns a white "reminder" for misbehaving as a group, then the teacher will determine the appropriate discipline for the class. If your child's class receives a white "reminder" it does not mean that every child in the class gets two points taken off of their conduct grade.

Furthermore, if a teacher or other adult notices that a class is misbehaving, he or she can give the class a white "reminder" and give the individual students who were behaving a green "gotcha." In turn, an adult can give an entire class a green "gotcha," but still give individual students a white "reminder" if they are caught misbehaving.