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S.O.A.R. Behavior System

This year we will start a school-wide positive behavior system that defines behavior
expectations for all areas of the school and then recognizes and rewards students
who continually go "above and beyond" those expectations.

All students are expected to exhibit the following behaviors in all areas of the building:
Self Control
On Task
Acts Responsibly
Golden Eagles

Students who continually exhibit these behaviors will be rewarded with
"Golden Eagles." These Golden Eagles can later be redeemed for special
prizes, awards, or activities (see below). The school will offer specific
rewards, but individual teachers and grade levels can add to the list of
rewards and prizes if they wish to motivate and recognize positive behavior.

Eagle Reminders

Eagle Reminders are earned by students who choose to display negative or
inappropriate behaviors. Grade levels will decide how to use Eagle Reminders
within their grade level behavior/conduct system. Eagle reminders are carbon
copied and parents should receive a copy of an Eagle Reminder if a child earns
one. If a child earns a reminder, his or her parents or guardians should discsus
the behavior with his or her child, sign the reminder, and then return it the next

Who can give Golden Eagles and Reminders?

All adults involved in the students’ daily activities, including cafeteria staff,
custodians, office staff, bus drivers, paraprofessionals, administrators, and
teachers, may give Golden Eagles or Reminders to motivate and recognize student

Individual vs. Class

Golden Eagles and Eagle Reminders can be earned by individual students
and by whole classes. If a class earns a Golden Eagle for positive behavior
as a group, the teacher keeps the Golden Eagle and determines how to reward the
entire class after they have accumulated a certain number of Golden Eagles
(pizza party, free ice cream for the class, popcorn party, etc.). It is up
the individual teacher to determine how and when to reward his or her class.


If a class earns a Eagle Reminder for misbehaving as a group, then the
teacher will determine the proper penalty for the class. If a child's class
receives Eagle Reminder it does not mean that every child in the class has
conduct cut points deducted.


Furthermore, if a teacher or other adult notices that a class is misbehaving,
he or she can give the class an Eagle reminder and give individual students
who were behaving a Golden Eagle. In turn, an adult can give an entire class
a Golden Eagle, but still give individual students an Eagle Reminder if they
are not meeting behavior expectations.


Neither Golden Eagles or Eagle Reminders are to be used for purposes of
intimidation or bribery.