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Faculty and Staff

Principal: Dr. Dana Ballou
Assistant Principal: Mr. Donte Miller
Counselor: Bonnie Fain
Media Specialist: Carla Gaddy




First Grade:
Second Grade:
Laura Crymes


Third Grade:
Summer Galindo
Lileigh Rabun


 Fourth Grade:

Lori Barnes

Beverly Knowles

Charlotte Leake


Fifth Grade:
Beverly Head - Reach
Mariah Hollis - Music
Gardner Culpepper - Physical Education
Certified Support Staff:
Pam Barbaree

Mallory Law - Speech

Marci Fiske - Pre-School
Student Support Staff:
Terrie Levingston - Teacher Assistant - Kindergarten
Julie Hoffman  - Teacher Assistant - Kindergarten
Lisa Boylen - Teacher Assistant - Kindergarten
Clare Schubert - Teacher Assistant
Noelle Wheat - Teacher Assistant

Lori Elder  - Teacher Assistant

Becca Buzard - K - 2nd Art Teacher

Michelle Riede - 3rd - 5th Art Teacher

Martricia Teagle - Permanent Sub

Shanmeo Peters - Computer Lab and STOP Teacher



Office Staff:
Shannon McKnight - Secretary / Bookkeeper  
Janette Trahan - Secretary/Clerk
Kathleen Ashton- School Nurse

Food Services:
Joy Falvo - Manager

Whitney Howard

Arnette Hinton

Sue Jones





After School Program
Jane Ayers- Director
Maggie Talany

Bus Drivers: