Upcoming Events

February 8
Basketball (First Round)
Girls at Evans (6 pm)
Boys at SRMS (5 pm)
February 9
Black History Month Program
MMS Gym, 9 pm
February 9
Basketball (Semifinals), 6 pm
Girls at Evans; Boys at SRMS
February 9
8th Grade Parent Meeting
NGHS, 6 pm, main cafeteria
February 11
Madras Oratorical Competition
February 12
Math Counts Competition
February 15-19
Mid-Winter Break
Schools Closed

Parent Portal
Parent Portal provides access for parents to students' attendance, grades, schedules, and other useful information. It also allows teachers to communicate with parents via the portal.

If you used Parent Portal last year: You will continue to access Parent Portal using the user name and password you created last year. Please notify the school of all changes in phone numbers, addresses, and household information by emailing Madras registrar, Melissa Handley (see link below). Your household will be updated to add new students who are beginning school this year. If you have forgotten your user name or password, contact Information Technology at 770-254-2800.

If you have never used Parent Portal: Go to one of the schools in which you have a child enrolled. Present picture ID to confirm your identity. You will be given a lengthy access code. Click the link to Infinite Campus Parent Portal on the Madras site or any CCSS web site. Use the "Click Here" link to go the page where you will enter your activation key. Once you have correctly typed in the key, you will create a user name and password. In the future, use the section of the page under "Already have a Campus Portal account?"



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