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-Mission Statement:
"Jump-starting Pride & Excellence in all Students”

-School Colors:
Purple and Teal

-School Mascot:


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Volunteer Training Dates: TBD (5:00pm)


pawprintArrival at School

Classes begin at 8:00 AM. Students should be in their classrooms and seated before the 8:00 bell rings or they will be marked as tardy. If students arrive after 8:00, parents should accompany their child to the front office to sign them in, electronically. Please accompany your child inside if he/she is tardy. Student drop-off will begin no earlier than 7:30 AM in the car rider zone at the front of the school. Staff members will be present to assist students coming into the building. If you would prefer to walk your child into the building, you may park in the lot at the back of the school and walk in with your child between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. each morning.  

pawprintEarly Dismissal from School

We encourage you to schedule your child’s doctor and dental appointments around school hours. Students who are picked up early must be signed out through the office. For your child’s safety, the only people allowed to pick up your student are those whose names are listed on your child’s emergency consent card. NO EXCEPTIONS! Please check your child out for appointments BEFORE 2:00 to avoid confusion that could interfere with the regular dismissal of students. Also, please keep in mind that students who leave earlier than 2:30 PM will be counted as having an “early leave” on their attendance record. Children will be released through the office staff only. We appreciate your understanding, cooperation, and patience with our arrival and dismissal procedures so we can provide the maximum amount of safety possible for your child and all the students at Jefferson Parkway.

pawprintDismissal from School

Pre-K students are released to the car zone at 2:00 and should be picked up by 2:20. Kindergarten through 5th grade students are dismissed each day at 2:30 PM. Car riders will wait in the cafeteria until their name is called to enter the car with their parents. Students who are car riders and not picked up by 3:00 PM will be placed in our After School Program. Parents will be required to pay the emergency drop-in fee of $15.00 when they pick up their child. If your child is a bus rider, please ensure that someone is home during drop-off or your child will be returned to the school and you will be notified to come and pick up your child. If your child has to be returned back to school twice, he/she may lose bus privileges. Water bottles are allowed but students may not eat on the bus. Vandalism infractions will result in automatic suspension from the bus until the cost of all damages have been paid. All bus riders need to be at the bus stop before your bus’s designated arrival time. If you are unsure what time your child needs to be at the stop, please speak with your child’s driver or contact the transportation department at 770 254-2820.

pawprintChange of Transportation

Occasionally, your child may need to ride another bus other than their normal bus or be picked up by another relative. Please send a note to your child’s teacher informing them of any change in transportation. The note must be signed by a parent or guardian with a contact phone number. If there is an emergency situation and the way your child is to go home needs to be changed, please call (770-254-2771) or fax (770-254-2775) a transportation change before 2:00 PM. TO ENSURE THE SAFETY OF ALL CHILDREN, TRANSPORTAION CHANGES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER 2:00 AND STUDENTS WILL NOT BE PULLED OFF OF THE BUS DURING DISMISSAL.


We have a few parking spaces in front of the school, but most are located behind the school. If you are coming for a class or grade level event, please plan to park in the back of the school and we will have school personnel located at the doors to sign you in. There are a few parking spaces available at the front of the school for short-term visits to the school.   


Jefferson Parkway’s teachers and administrators are willing to make appointments for conferences whenever requested by a parent by calling the school office at 770-254-2771.

pawprintNon-Sufficiently Funded Check Collection

Coweta County School System has contracted with the Federal Automated Recovery System (FARS) for the electronic collection of checks returned for insufficient funds (NSF). The district will gladly accept your checks; however, in the event your check is returned, your account will be debited electronically for the face amount of the check and fees allowed by the state of Georgia.


Classroom and school rules should be followed at all times while students are in attendance at school functions. Discipline will be handled at Jefferson Parkway in a manner to create a safe environment conducive for optimal learning. Please read the P.A.W.S. Discipline Plan and review it with your child. This plan will be enforced throughout Jefferson Parkway.


Christmas and Valentine’s Day will be celebrated school-wide annually. Please do not bring or send snacks to a classroom unless arranged with the teacher. The teachers will recognize individual birthdays in their classrooms; however, birthday parties will not be allowed.

By facilitating learning through the support and promotion of good nutrition and physical activity, schools contribute to the basic health status of children, and improved health optimizes student performance potential. We ask that all snacks be compliant with our Wellness Policy. Snacks such as fruit, vegetables, popcorn, pretzels, baked chips, frozen fruit bars, whole grain and/or low fat cookies are acceptable.

pawprintIce Cream

Students are offered the opportunity to purchase an ice cream. The cost is $1.00. Since the ice cream program is totally separate from the meals program, they must be paid for separately. Please do not send one check or a large bill to cover both. Students in kindergarten will turn their money in to the teacher while students in grades 1-5 are responsible for bringing their ice cream money with them to lunch each day.

pawprintLost and Found

Please write your child’s name inside coats, sweaters, book bags and lunch boxes so that they can be returned when misplaced. Every effort is made to identify lost or misplaced items. Marking the item ensures they can be returned promptly. Leave at home anything not needed for class. Items that cause hazards or a distraction, including large amounts of money, tape recorders, jewelry, radios, electronic games, cell phones, CD players, IPODs, MP3 Players, beepers, toys, candy and gum. Items that interfere with learning or safety will be kept in the office until claimed by the parent. Please make every effort to check our lost and found frequently. Unclaimed items and items collected by the office are donated to Goodwill in June.

pawprintParent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

Jefferson Parkway wants every family to participate in our PTO. We have several events already planned for the school year and we would greatly appreciate your time and dedication! For more information please contact the school.

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