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2010 Coweta SAT Scores 3 points above national average, 42 points above state

Coweta County high schools’ average on the Verbal and Math sections of the SAT was 1020 in 2010, three points above the National Verbal and Math average of 1017 and 42 points above the average of all Georgia schools combined.

“It was important to maintain our competitiveness with the national average on the SAT. I congratulate our high school juniors and seniors who took the exam, and their teachers,” said Superintendent Blake Bass.

2010 was the third year in a row that Coweta County outscored the national Verbal and Math average on the SAT, even after a slight drop of 7 points on the combined Verbal and Math scores from the county’s all-time high of 1027 in 2009.

The national average SAT score increased by 1 point, to 1017, in 2010, and the state of Georgia’s average declined by 3 points, to 978, during 2010.

SAT averages for Northgate High School and Newnan High School remained above the national average in 2010, at 1036 and 1025 respectively.

“Based on these scores, our students are well-prepared to enter college and compete on a national level,” said Bass. “I think it also demonstrates that as our curriculum continues to increase in rigor, our students and teachers are proving that they are up to the challenge.”

SAT averages for Coweta’s three high schools, the state of Georgia and the nation as a whole were released by the College Board on September 13. The averages reported in the chart below provide the Verbal, Math and Writing section averages, which have a maximum value of 800 points each.

The writing portion of the exam was added in 2006, and verbal and math totals of the exam have been tracked for students since the exam was begun. The accompanying chart shows a 16-year history of the exam for Coweta County Schools.

SAT history 1995-2010

Overall, the scores reported to Coweta County high schools were:

                               Verbal     Math      & Math Writing      Score

East Coweta High   498          500          998        480            1478

Newnan High          506          519        1025        483            1508

Northgate High       511          525        1036        488            1524

Coweta County      505*        514*       1020*      484*          1503*

Nation                    501          516        1017        492            1509

Georgia                   488          490          978        475            1453


* Coweta’s school system average is estimated from the average scores of Coweta County’s three high schools. Section averages and total scores are rounded, and may not appear to add accurately on the chart.