Helping Yourself Succeed
Your teachers want you to succeed, but YOU have to help them.

They teach you about a particular subject like science, math or literature.  And, they do much, much more.

In combination with your parents, teachers show you how to take responsibility, how to get along with others, how to handle stress, how to improve your communication skills and how to believe in yourself. They teach you how to manage your time, how to set goals and how to make better personal decisions. So how can you help them?

10 Ways to Help YOUR Teachers

  1. Listen - really listen - in class
  2. Improve your note-taking skills
  3. Take part in the class discussions
  4. Review your subject notes before class
  5. If necessary, change your seat assignment
  6. Do an extra-credit project
  7. Ask questions
  8. Double check your homework and test material before handing them in
  9. Hand your homework in on time
  10. Two days before a test, do some additional studying in that subject area


Teachers have goals, called lesson plans, for each of their classes. For example, how do you teach students about the metric system if they have never been exposed to the concept? A lesson plan is a step-by-step breakdown of how the teacher plans to accomplish this task. Then, how do teachers measure how well you are learning the material?

You guessed it. Tests, quizzes, class participation and term papers are the tools they use to measure their success. They tell the teacher if your class needs further review or can move to a new topic.

Here's the key. The above ten rules will help your teacher succeed. The bonus - you will succeed also.

Ideas for Implementation:

  1. Take one item for the week and work to improve in that area.
  2. Show your teachers what you are doing and ask for their help.
  3. Ask a student who is good in note taking to give you a couple of pointers.
Shared with permission from a Teaching Moments newsletter:

10 Steps to Better Grades

Dreams are your "door opener" to opportunity. The key is turning the dreams into a plan and then taking action on the plan.

When used properly dreams are a springboard to your future success. They are your tools for self-exploration and will provide you with ideas, enthusiasm, and determination.

How to turn your dream of higher grades into positive results:
  1. Dreams increases inspiration - Challenge to actively think about getting higher grades.
  2. Inspiration increases ambition - Challenge to dedicate yourself to getting them.
  3. Ambition increases desire - Dare to ask someone to help you.
  4. Desire increases enthusiasm - Dare to think positively about getting higher grades.
  5. Enthusiasm increases motivation - Dare to tell others about your excitement.
  6. Motivation increases planning - Dare to clearly define your challenge or desire. What grade do you want? Which subject?
  7. Planning increase goal setting - Dare to write down your goal, add specific action steps and a completion date.
  8. Goal setting increases determination - Confront to move closer to your goal by completing your action steps that move you closer to your goal.
  9. Determination increases action - Dare to take positive action on your dreams.
  10. Action increases results - Congratulate yourself on a job well done.
You are a WINNER!

Make sure your dreams are telling you that on a regular basis.
Suggestions for implementation:
  1. If dreams are the door opener to opportunity, then what can you do to ensure your dreams are positive? Discuss your ideas with your family or friends.
  2. Finish this statement: My actions today will _______________.

Questions for discussion:

  1. Of the ten items listed above, which do you think is the most important?
  2. Which item needs some additional attention on your part?
  3. How can your friends help you?

Self-Control for Teens

"The only thing we can control is ourselves" Anonymous

Are you in control of your life?

Here is a short quiz to give you some perspective on how your thoughts and actions influence your world.

Self-Control Quiz

I control how I react to situations and events.
Yes_____ No _____
I control who I associate with.
Yes_____ No _____

I control what I choose to read.
Yes_____ No _____

I control what I do.
Yes_____ No _____

I control what I think about.
Yes_____ No _____

I control the positive or negative relationships I?m in.
Yes_____ No _____

I control what I eat.
Yes_____ No _____

I control my perspective of the future.
Yes_____ No _____
I control my positive or negative self-talk.
Yes_____ No _____
I control my goal setting, determination and enthusiasm.
Yes_____ No _____

I control how I react to others.
Yes_____ No _____

I control what I learn and which new things I will try.
Yes_____ No _____

I control what life lessons my failures teach me.
Yes_____ No _____

I control how I view new opportunities and change.
Yes_____ No _____

I control how I handle anxiety and frustration.
Yes_____ No _____

As you can see you, have a lot of control - if you choose to take advantage of it.
Here is a suggestion to help you positively take control of your future. Each week highlight one of the fifteen quiz statements and work to improve that area for the full week. The next week choose another topic and work on it. Continue this process until you have completed all fifteen topics. Repeat as needed.

This is YOUR life, YOUR goals, YOUR success!

You are a WINNER!


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