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ECMS Girls Basketball 


  • December  18* Tuesday     Preseason Games: Arnall at Smokey Road/East Coweta at Madras / Lee at Evans
  • January 8 Tuesday Smokey Road at Madras/ Arnall at Lee/ Evans at East Coweta
  • January 10 Thursday Madras at Evans/ East Coweta at Arnall/ Lee at Smokey  Road
  • January 15 Tuesday Evans at Arnall/East Coweta at Smokey Road/Lee at Madras
  • January 17 Thursday Arnall at Smokey Road/East Coweta at Madras/Evans at Lee
  • January 23 Wednesday Madras at Arnall/ Smokey Road at Evans/ Lee at East Coweta
  • January 25 Friday Madras at Smokey Road/ Lee at Arnall/ East Coweta at Evans
  • January 29 Tuesday Evans at Madras/ Arnall at East Coweta/ Smokey Road at Lee
  • January 31 Thursday Smokey Road at East Coweta/ Arnall at Evans/ Madras at Lee
  • February 5 Tuesday Smokey Road at Arnall/ Madras at East Coweta/ Lee at Evans
  • February 7 Thursday Arnall at Madras/ Evans at Smokey Road/ East Coweta at Lee

2018 CCMSAL Basketball Tournament —February 11, 12, & 14, 2019

February 11 Monday Girls’ First Round Games (4 v 5/ 3 v 6) at Madras Middle School

February 12 Tuesday Girls’ Semi-finals (2 v 3/6 winner; 1v 4/5 win.) at Madras Middle School

February 14 Thursday CCMSAL Girls’ Tournament Championship (5:30 p.m.) at Evans

Head Coach: Justin Pharr This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.