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Start the program:

1)  Double click on the SRI STUDENT icon on the desktop. A login screen will open.

2)   Enter student’s name (legal first name, then last name – ie., Matthew Smith not Matt Smith) and click the OK button.

3)   If a list of names appears, the student clicks on his/her name and then clicks the OK button.

4)   The Enter Password window will open.

5)   Student will enter the password (student ID#) and click the OK button.

6)   The program will begin.


 Taking the test:

1)  After selecting two categories of interest the students will click on the NEXT button in the lower right-hand corner. 

2)  A Practice Test window will appear.

3)  Directions can be read aloud to the class to ensure all students understand the procedures. 

4)  After reading the directions student will click on the NEXT button.

5)  Proceed through the ‘practice test’ portion of the evaluation. 

6)  When the last question has been answered a Congratulations! screen will appear.  Students will click on OK to begin the reading evaluation.

Students will always click on the NEXT button (lower right-hand corner) to change screens and record their answer.  They cannot change their answer after they click on NEXT.


After completing the evaluation a pop-up screen will ask if the student wants to view their reading list and receive a score.  After viewing the reading list the student is given two options:  print the reading list or exit. View the Lexile Map to help interpret scores.
To exit the program – click on EXIT

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