Note: the following information is taken from MLA Handbook for Writers of

Research Papers, 7th Edition.  Entries should be double-spaced with a hanging indent.



Anthology (Work included in an anthology):

Williams, William Carlos. “The Desert Music.” American Poetry Since 1950. Ed. Eliot Weinberger. New York: Marsilio, 1993. 3-14. Print.

Book with one author:

Quindlen, Anna. One True Thing. New York: Dell, 1994. Print.


Book with two or more authors:

Clark, Mary Higgins, and Carol Higgins Clark. Deck the Halls. New York: Simon, 2000. Print.


“Romanticism.” Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary. 9th ed. 1987. Print.


Encyclopedia article:

“Islam.” The Encyclopedia Americana. 15th ed. 2000. Print.


Interview (personal):

Holland, Gary. Personal interview. 13 Sept. 2002.


Online Interview:

Jones, Craig. Interview by Garrett Smith. History Channel Online. History Channel, 2009. Web. 5 December 2011.

Magazine Article:

Roberts, Johnnie L. “Enron: The Dirty Laundry.” Newsweek. Mar. 2002: 22-28. Print.


Multivolume Work, Single Author :

Durant, Will, and Ariel Durant. The Story of Civilization. Vol. 7. New York: Simon, 1965. Print.

(Note: You do not need to include the Volume # if you are using only one volume of a multivolume work and the book has an individual title.)

Newspaper Article:

Skinner, W.Winston. “Schools will get graded.” The Times-Herald. 26 Apr. 2001,B1. Print.

Newspaper in an online database:

Branch, Taylor. “The Clinton Tapes.” The New York Times. 25 Sept. 2009: Dow Jones Factiva. Web. 5 December 2011.

Online Database:

Edwards, Kim. “Good Looks: The Power of the Gaze.” Screen Education 53.1(2009): 26-32. Communication & Mass Media Complete. Web. 5 December 2011.

Entire Web Site:

Electronic Poetry Center. 2009. SUNY Buffalo. Web. 5 December 2011.



Web Page within a larger site:

Martin, Thomas. “An Overview of Greek History.” Perseus Digital Library. Ed. Greg Crane. 1999. Tufts University. Web. 5 December 2011.


Treat a pamphlet as you would a book.


Jafari, Ali. “The Rise of a New Paradigm Shift in Teaching and Learning.” The Journal. 27 (1999): 303-313. Print.

Television Program:

“Caffeine.” The MacNeil/Lehrer Report. PBS. WCED, Pittsburgh. 4 Sept. 1980.


Film or Video:

The Wizard of Oz. Screenplay by Noel Langley, Florence Ryerson and Edgar Allan Woolf. Dir. Victor Fleming. Perf. Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, and Jack Haley. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1939.


Homer. Odyssey. Trans. Richard Lattimore. New York: Harper, 1967. Print.