Coweta County Schools Curriculum Connection Pages are meant to be used as an extension of what is going on in the classroom
and to give students and teachers an opportunity to review, reinforce, practice, research, extend, and apply curriculum based skills.

Indicates a link to a Quality Core Curriculum Web Source (QCC)

1 Davidson Institute

1 Resource Roundup

1 National Association for Gifted Children

1 Georgia Association for Gifted Children

1 Parent Place

1 National Foundation for Gifted Children

1 GT World

1 Council For Exceptional Children

1 Hoagie's Gifted Education Page

1 The Hollingworth Center

1 Family Education Network

1 Gifted Development Center

1 Great Potential Press

1 Parent Resources

1 Enrichment Opportunities In Georgia

1 Bright Child/Gifted Learner Checklist

1 Parenting Gifted Children

1 All A's Possible Danger Signal for the Gifted

1 Anti-Intellectual Pressures on the Gifted

1 Fostering Creativity at Home

1 Whatever You Do - However You Want To Do It

1 Risky Business Fostering Healthy Risk Taking Behaviors in Gifted Students

1 The Disappearing Gifted Girl

1 Summertime Blues

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