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Supplies - Needs

Harkleroad - Large Drawing Paper

Supplies - Extras

3 packs of purple construction paper (12x18)
Ream of manila paper 12x18
Ream of manila paper 18x24
Package of sentence strips-manila
Package of sentence strips-colored
2 packages of orange markers


Construction Paper-   orange, blue, black       12 X 18
Markers- Orange


7 kids sharp point scissors
1 gallon of green tempera paint
1 gallon of yellow tempera paint
1 gallon of black tempera paint
3 -8 oz. orange finger paint


2 boxes of chalk
1 large roll of contact paper
Bulletin board border (2 rolls)
1 jar of black powdered paint

j. Smith

I have 5 bottles of hand sanitizer
26 4oz glue bottles (some full, others need refill)
1 full roll of contact paper
8 16-count water colors
14 8-count water colors
3 boxes white chalk
Gallon tempera paint: green, black, blue, yellow (2), brown, purple
Several bulletin board borders

Approximately 12-13 packs of 18x24 construction paper various colors.


  • Watercolor paint sets (more than 2 dozen) 8 and 16 count paint sets


  • construction paper 12x18 – all colors
  • 3x5 yellow post-its
  • chalk – white and color (11 boxes)
  • large drawing paper