Beginning this year, Coweta County will be using Fry words. We will first work on color words, and number words. We will then begin working on the first 100 words. If you child learns these words easily, keep working on additional lists we send home. Last year, we had a friend who learned 900 sight words  

Word Clubs
60 Word Club= Gold Medal

100 Word Club=
$1 for the School Store

200 Word Club= Dr. Tarleton or Mrs. Archer will bake students a treat they request (cookies, brownies, cake, cupcake)

After the student masters 200 words, he/she will begin Accelerated Reader. 

5 AR Points= Dinner Date at Chick-fil-a with Dr. Tarleton & Mrs. Archer

300-1000 Word Club= 
Student Chooses Word Club Reward from the following:

Soda of Choice at Lunch
Ice Cream pass
Treasure Box

I am working on getting a clearer list. Sorry for the fuzziness.

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