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Technology Services
Mission Statement
The Technology Services Department provides technology design, technical support and training, data analysis and reporting, systems management and administration, technology acquisition, the review and development of technology policies and standards, and strategic planning services, for the Coweta County School System.
Mission Statement
To ensure these services are provided in an effective, efficient, and courteous manner, the Technology Services Department will:

-Support and promote the productive use of technology throughout the organization
-Ensure that all technology in place is secure, reliable and performing as needed
-Provide timely, courteous, and effective end-user support to resolve problems and provide assistance
-Select, design, and install cost-effective, quality technology solutions, designed to meet business needs
-Manage service contracts and vendor relationships for highest quality and reasonable costs
-Protect business interests and technology investment with effective IT policies and practices
-Promote end-user self-sufficiency through training and communication
-Maintain a positive, courteous relationship with end-users through information and communication
-Provide continuous customer support that ensures the most effective classroom environment for student learning
Coweta County School System Technology Ethics