Proposed Coweta County School System Calendars for the 2021-22 and 2022-23 school years

The Coweta County Board of Education is preparing to adopt new academic-year calendars for the 2021-22 and 2022-23 school years. The school board intends to adopt a two-year cycle of school calendars in order to provide families with the ability to schedule vacation plans as early as possible.

Three calendar options for each school year can be found in the links below. Scroll down each calendar page to see both years under each option.

Option 1 (21-22 and 22-23) – Closely follows the calendar used by the school system in 2019-20 and 2020-21. A full week Thanksgiving Break and a full-week Winter Break (February) is scheduled. School starts Thursday, August 5, in 2021.

Option 2 (21-22 and 22-23) – Differs by shortening the Thanksgiving Break to three days. School Starts Monday, August 9, in 2021

Option 3 (21-22 and 22-23) – Differs by shortening the Christmas and New Year's break from 10 to 8 days. School Starts Monday, August 9 in 2021.

All proposed calendars maintain 180 days of student instruction, divided into two 90-day semesters, or 89/91 days or 88/92 days. The first semester concludes before the start of holidays in December to allow for high school course completion and final exams prior to the Christmas and New Year's break.

In addition to the above, the calendars also include: A Labor Day holiday A mid-October student holiday (two teacher workdays) A Thanksgiving holiday A 10 or 8-day holiday for Christmas and New Year's Day A Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. holiday A full-week mid-winter holiday in February A full-week Spring holiday in April School-year end before Memorial Day

Two Teacher Work Days have also been established in March, to serve as possible inclement weather days in case of school closures that require student make-ups. They would be used as teacher workdays/student holidays otherwise.

The three options follow the format above. The first option is similar to the current school calendar. The second two differ by shortening some breaks.

A survey regarding these proposed calendars, and school calendar ideas, will be open for public comment through November 5. Take the survey here.