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      Willis Road Elementary opened in the fall of 2002.  Located in the eastern part of the

county, Willis Road Elementary serves 715 students in grades prekindergarten through fifth

grade. Our students' racial ethnicities include 75% white, 11.7% Hispanic 7.8% black,

and 5% other.  Forty percent of our students are identified as economically disadvantaged

and more than 22% of our students are identified as gifted.  Willis Road’s faculty and staff

consists of fifty two certified teachers, fifteen classified paraprofessionals,  one nurse  one secretary,

two clerks, one counselor,  two assistant principals, and a principal dedicated to the education

and individual success of each student.  

     Willis Road Elementary is in the heart of Sharpsburg, Georgia and has a close relationship with

its community. Since WRES opened, it has focused on bringing both exceptional educational

opportunities to students and building a close bond with those in our local community.

Receiving a 5 Star Climate Rating from the Georgia Department of Education in 2014, Willis Road

strives to promote a positive environment both inside and outside of the school.  Over the fourteen

years of operation, our students and teachers have been recognized for academic and civic

success. Our test scores consistently demonstrate excellence in teaching and learning. WRES

is also a six-year Grand Champion for the school system in support of the Council on Aging’s

Meals on Wheels program.

     Willis Road Elementary School's unique opportunities include serving a diverse population


of families that have made the eastern area of Coweta home. Willis Road currently houses


the English Language Learner program and self-contained Special Education classrooms for our


area of the school district. With the inclusion of these programs, Willis Road has added faculty,


staff, and students that bring a positive opportunity to all of the Wolfpack.


      The vision of Willis Road Elementary School is to ensure the success of each child.   We


believe, as a learning community, we must continuously improve through a shared commitment


to long-term, in-depth professional learning for all teachers and leaders, which thus ensures

that all students receive high quality instruction in a supportive learning environment.

We believe, as leaders of learners, we must see students as volunteers in their learning and as

a result, are committed to engaging our students in authentic learning experiences through

a variety of educational opportunities in order to make learning relevant and meaningful.

We believe the Coweta County School System, in partnership with both family and c

ommunity must continually focus on providing challenging, applicable, and satisfying work for

students by building partnerships between school, home and the community; this allows all stakeholders

to be actively engaged in the educational process and instills a common spirit of collaboration.

 We believe we are responsible for the success of each student and are committed to developing

lifelong learners who graduate college and career ready.

     The positive behavioral instructional support system, now a model for both Coweta County


and Georgia, embodies the purpose of maintaining high expectations for all students. Known to all


of our stakeholders as being a WOLF, this positive behavior system allows students to be continually


acknowledged for working hard, owning their behavior, listening and learning, and focusing on respect.


Through this program, Willis Road has tracked a significant decrease in negative behaviors and an increase


in positive behaviors. The Willis Road Character Education Program extends the positive behavior system


by focusing on weekly character traits that are reinforced through our Channel 6 News team.


     Over the past three years, Willis Road has experienced an increase in diversity. The school’s diversity includes

more economically disadvantaged families, English as a Second or other language families, transient populations,

and special education students.  Willis Road also encompasses one of the largest geographic districts within

the Coweta County School System, which also presents challenges to the school. Willis Road is meeting these

challenges by providing opportunities like ELLNight and Georgia Milestones Training for Families. Building

positive relationships is key to the successful climate and positive culture of our school.


     With increase in diversity, Willis Road has established many opportunities for students to participate in the school.

Our school achieved Silver STEM Recognition in 2014 with fifty percent of our faculty and staff completing STEM

teaching requirements. In 2015, WRES reached the Gold STEM Recognition with 100% of our faculty and staff

meeting STEM teaching requirements. Willis Road provides advanced academic opportunities for all students through

school-wide STEM days. Willis Road had 5 school-wide days dedicated to STEM education during the 2014-2015

school year and participated in Georgia STEM Day 2014 and 2015. Our school’s Academic Bowl team consistently

achieves high ranking in regional competition.  All students in grades 3-5 have the option of participating in

our school running club-Wolves on the Run. Each semester, students and teachers train to run a 5K race, while

promoting positive social, emotional, and physical well-being. The WRES PTO continually works to provide

engaging school and community activities such as our annual Back-to-School Movie Night, the holiday tradition

of the Wolfpack Holiday Gathering, Pancakes with Santa, Nacho Ordinary School Fine Arts Night, and Spring Fling.

     Over the past three years, the world has experienced a technological expansion. Acquisition of technology for

students and classroom use has been a challenge. WRES, in working with our PTO, has worked to address a

lack of technology. With completion in 2015 of a five year plan, the majority of classrooms are equipped

with a Promethean Board and projector. The start of the 2015-2016 school year began a school-wide focus

on student technology utilization. Each teacher in CCSS received a Chromebook for their classroom. Willis

Road began a pilot program with Google Play for Education that included 30 Nexus tablets. A new Google

Chrome lab was installed with 30 student computers. The next goal for improvement in technology is to provide

a Chromebook cart for each grade level/ department at WRES. This goal is set to be accomplished during

the 2015-2016 school year.

     Willis Road has high teacher retention which contributes to a stable and consistent school culture. The

culture of Willis Road is warm and welcoming in both positive climate and appealing facilities. Our CCRPI

ranking has continually increased, and allowed the school to focus on continuous improvement. This

improvement includes academic achievement and a strong emphasis on student success. Closing the

achievement gap for our sub-groups is one of our goals over the next three years. Willis Road is

attaining this goal through diversity training, providing advanced academic opportunities for all students, 

providing job-embedded professional learning for our teachers, and promoting building positive relationships through

student advocacy.

Grades: Prek-5

Enrollment: 715

School Colors: Green, Navy Blue, White

Mascot: Wolfpack

Mascot's Name: Wolfgang

School Motto: "It takes a pack to raise a wolf."

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Georgia Accrediting Commission

Mission: CCSS- Coweta Committed to Student Success

Vision: We ensure the success of each student.

Overall Goal: Coweta County School System will provide high-level, engaging work for all learners and

leaders to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

WRES Goal: The goal of Willis Road Elementary School is to achieve educational success at all levels.