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Principally Speaking


Welcome to Willis Road Elementary!


"As A Team, We Ensure the Success of Each Student."



Principally Speaking…..from Dr. Smith   



Dear parents and students:


     We continue to have a great year at WRES! The

faculty and staff are excited about the many

opportunities we have planned this year with your

children. It is important for you to communicate closely

with your child’s teacher. Teachers will utilize a variety

of ways to communicate with you. Please let them

know the most convenient and easiest way to

communicate with you concerning your child.

     Thanks to all of you who participated in the 2016

PTO Run for FUNDS. The students did a fantastic job

running laps to help our PTO raise money! Thanks

you to all of you who volunteered to make the run a success!    

     Many parents often ask, “What is the most important

thing I can do at home to strengthen my child’s reading

skills?” According to The Parent Institute (2003), the most

important thing parents can do is to provide their child with

lots of opportunities to read. Let them know you value

reading. Ask them to tell you about what they are reading.

Look for ways to make reading a central part of family life.

Reading and writing go hand in hand, so encourage your

child to keep journals and write letters as well.

     Please remember at Willis Road Elementary your

child’s education is our number one priority! It is important

for your child to be at school everyday. Instructional time

is interrupted when children are tardy and check out often.

Please work with us as we try to improve our attendance

this year. If you have any questions or concerns, please

don’t hesitate to contact us at 770-304-7995.

My email address is


Remember, “It takes a pack, to raise a wolf”.




Dr. Charles Smith