2010 Regional Science Fair Winners!!!!

Western entered 10 science fair projects in the Regional Science Fair sponsored by GYSTC that was held on May 7th. All 10 Western projects were 1st and 2nd place winners! Way to go, Western!

Check out the projects and the winners!!!

Vivian Duncan's 5th grade Life Science Project

"Musical Heartbeat" - 1st Place!!!!!!

Mary Tipton's 5th grade Environmental Science Project

"Grocery Germs" - 1st Place!!!!!

Lesley Davis, Olivia McLeod, and Haley Rowles

5th Grade Physical Science Project

"Fat, Food, Fun" - 1st Place!!!!!

Ben Gent, Jamarious Burston, Lee Chestnut

5th Grade Life Science Project

"Backpack Attack" - 1st Place!!!!

Angel Shumake and Ashley Bloodworth's 5th Grade Life Science Project

"Memory Wars" - 2nd Place!!!!

Jocilyn Burston and Abby Russell's 4th Grade Environmental Science Project

"Clean Air Everywhere?" - 1st Place!!!!!

Quin Goodman, Samina Ahmed, and Callie McKoy's 4th Grade Environmental Project

"Go Green" - 1st Place!!!!

Jacob Blair and Hunter White's 4th Grade Physical Science Project

"Germ Exterminator" - 2nd Place!!!!

Javier Rodriguez's 4th Grade Life Science Project

"Which Water Works Best?" - 2nd Place!!!!