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Math for Kindergarten-5th Grade


A better way to learn math


Math for the left and right brain

Math is about so much more than just numbers—so, IXL is too! We approach each math concept from all angles, offering visual representations, word problems, interactive activities, and more. With an abundance of math problems for every learning style, students can't help but build lasting skills and confidence.


Math learning that sticks with you

IXL is a practice environment that rewards hard work—after all, with dynamic, unlimited questions, guessing your way to success isn't exactly an option. Instead, we encourage students to learn from their mistakes, and move through new challenges at their own pace. There's no feeling that can match mastering a skill on IXL, since it comes with the satisfaction of knowing you really do “get it.”


Math practice that keeps you in the zone

When you're truly “in the zone,” you can pick up new skills in no time. With that in mind, we designed IXL as the ultimate focused learning environment. Free from any gimmicks or distractions, IXL is a place where every minute is spent truly learning math.


Math at its most mesmerizing

Not only do students gain new skills on IXL—they gain a whole new appreciation for how fun math can be! From the vibrant images that permeate IXL's skills, to the enticing awards and certificates that are hidden throughout the site, students cannot wait to hop on IXL—and you'll have trouble tearing them away.


Never miss a math moment

Thanks to IXL's easy-to-read reports and e-mail updates, you will never miss a second of your students' exciting learning journey. We can give you information that matters—exactly which problems students missed, where students' trouble spots lie, how they've progressed over time, how much knowledge they truly understood and retained.


How to Log In

Just use the link below!  The usernames and passwords are the same as their lunch numbers. This is an excellent way for parents to assist their children with math skills at home.