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Thomas Crossroads Faculty and Staff 2016-2017 



Office Staff:
Principal: Dr. Fate Simmons

Assistant Principal:Jennifer Whetstone
Susan Schmitt
LaTangie Ingram
Secretary/Bookkeeper: Darlene Wilhite


Pre Kindergarten: 
Kara Fretwell

Patsy Davis
Erin Gladden 
Kimberly Moen

First Grade:
Kirstie Bassett 

Rebecca Key

Marie Wallace

Second Grade:

Lindsey Gore

Tracie Gossett

Jen Scruggs


Third Grade:

Alkina Avery

Emily DePena

Kim Hutchings

Shavonnda Teagle


Fourth Grade:
Angelia Banks
Shirley Freeland 
Cathey Upchurch 



Fifth Grade:
Bynghum Askew

Laura Ritchie
Lorrie Sheffer


Teacher Assistants:

Tammy Andrews

Lindsay Borders

Timothy Brown

Angelina Cayetano

Leigh Crouch

Allison Kenty

Mandy Lodge

Bonnie Meyer

Lindsay Schultz

Alison Taylor
Kathy Taylor
Alison Taylor 

Lorraine Thames

Joy Waller


Food Nutrition:
Tassell OrrManager
Sandy Allison
Victoria Sierra

Suzanne Williams

Penny Arnold, Lead
Sharon Arnold 

Victor Cayetano
Alvin Cooke

Jean Hines


Support Staff:

Audrey Anglin, Spec Ed/DHH

Barbara Balliew, ASP Coordinator

Nicole Fuller, Art

Judy Griffin, Nurse

Pamela Hendrix,Gifted

Donna Hightower, Special Ed

Matt JacksonEIP

Michael Lanier, SAFE

Christina Luke, Spec Ed/Resource

Beth Lyle, Computer Lab

Tracy Morrison. Community Special Ed

Renee Powell, Community Special Ed

Beverly Reichman, Spec Ed/Resource

Renee Rich, Media Specialist

Deborah Taylor, Community Special Ed

Heather Thomas, Speech

Dr. Penny ThomasMusic

Jessica Tranquillo, Psychologist

Lynn Traylor, Spec Ed/Resource

Zachary Woods,Physical Education







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