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Principal's Message

Welcome to Thomas Crossroads Elementary! 


Vision / MissionStatement: “As a Team, We Ensure the Success of Each Student”


Welcome back to the 2018-2019 school year. Please join me in welcoming our new family members: Mrs. Cheryl McChargue (Assistant Principal), Mrs. Allison Kenty (3rd grade teacher), Mrs. Lacoyah Smith (Autism Teacher), Ms. Gloria Cann (Clerk), Mrs. Amanda French (STOP TA), Ms. Julie Hally (Autism TA), Mrs. Rita Chapman (Autism TA), Mrs. Sherry Wimbush (Nurse) and Mr. Lebarron Sharpe (Custodian). Thomas Crossroads is also new for each family member, so please welcome them to our TEAM with open arms.

Student safety is our #1 priority. Additional security features are being added to all Coweta County Schools for the 18-19 school year. Effective September 4, 2018, we will be implementing additional security measures to enter into the school building. The current sign-in system for visitors will be replaced with a driver’s license (DL) scan sign-in system. The DL access requires a visitor who wishes to enter the building to scan their driver’s license in the main office and get their picture made prior to a visitor badge being generated. In addition, the system will record the arrival and departure time of each visitor. Once secure check-in has been completed, our front office staff will provide you with access through the locked double doors into the school building. Visitors will need to sign-out through the front office before exiting the building. For student checkouts during the day, parents will utilize the computer system, however, they will not have to scan their license, since they will not be entering into the main building.

If your child is tardy to school, you will need to park, escort your child in the building, and sign them in using our new sign-in system. Students will not be allowed to sign themselves in due to the additional security measures put into place this year. We appreciate your help with this as we work hard to keep our students safe.

All student transportation changes will need to be submitted through a written note sent with your child or through fax. If you fax the change in, please call to confirm that the transportation request was received. For security and safety reasons, e-mail transportation changes will not be accepted. Please do not e-mail the teacher regarding transportation changes as they are focused on instruction during the school day and often times, will not check e-mail until the very end of the day. To ensure we are providing the care and attention needed to keep all our students safe and make sure everyone gets home correctly each afternoon, all transportation changes will need to be submitted by 1:30 each day. If an emergency arises, please call the school, and an administrator will assist you with your request.

We are looking forward to a wonderful school year! Thank you for helping us keep our family members safe. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Dr. Fate R. Simmons


Thomas Crossroads Elementary