CCSS Special Education Parent Mentor: Jenn Williams


Special Needs Summer Directory 2015 - Activities, Recreation, and Respite- Developed by the Metro East Georgia Learning Resources System (GLRS) - "During the summer months many parents want to find recreational or camp programs for their children. Sometimes it can be especially hard to find programs that accept children with disabilities or programs that are specifically designed for these youngsters. The purpose of this Directory is to help parents, educators, and other interested citizens in the Metro Atlanta area find such programs. The Directory presents information on day camps, residential camps, school camps and various recreational and instructional programs that accept youngsters with disabilities. Most programs listed are located in Georgia. A few camps outside the State of Georgia that are specifically designed to accommodate the needs of children with disabilities are listed."

A Parent Newsletter produced by
Parent Mentor, Jenn Williams

September 2014 Edition

September 2013 Edition 

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September 2012 Edition


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