Parent Requests for Evaluation Procedures

Parent Request Procedures:
If you suspect your child has a disability and is need of special education services, please contact the school and express your concerns to the child's teacher and/or school administrator. If you have any questions regarding a special education evaluation and eligibility consideration versus diagnostic testing, Pyramid/Tiers of Interventions which includes SST and special education services, and/or screenings, please contact the school administrator.


Parent Request Procedures:

  • Parent makes a verbal or written request to the school, teacher, or administrator. Parent request is sent to the school administrator.

  • The administrator discusses with the request with the parent. If request was verbal and not in writing, then parent signs the parent letter indicating the request being made along with parent input form. Parental rights are given and explained.


  • Parent completes the parent input form and parent letter and returns them to the administrator.


  • The school district team reviews the request and all relevant information regarding the student to determine if the request for special education evaluation and eligibility consideration request is accepted or not accepted.


  • If the request is accepted, a letter will be sent to the parent along with parental consent for special education evaluation form, evaluation instruments description, and parent rights. An eligibility meeting will be held within 60 days from the receipt of the request (for initial referrals only).


  • If the request is not accepted, a letter and prior written notice will be sent to the parent indicating the information reviewed and why the system is denying the request and other options the system may be recommending or offering along with a copy of parent rights.


  • If the parent disagrees with the system's decision, the parent has the right to request a due process hearing. 



Administrators and Teachers: Click here to refer to google drive parent request folder for forms.