Georgia Online IEP Program (GOIEP)

GOIEP is an online IEP program that Coweta County uses to complete special education paperwork for student's eligibility meetings and IEP meetings. GOIEP is a program offered to districts by Georgia's Department of Education (GaDOE). The program stores our district information and is used for local, state, and federal reporting requirements.

GOIEP Instructions - refer to google drive GOIEP folder for GOIEP instructions. 

GOIEP vs Infinite Campus Verification form - use this form to compare students that are flagged for special education in Infinite Campus with students in GOIEP with updated eligibility and IEPs. 

Accessing GOIEP:

To access GOIEP, you go through Infinite Campus (IC).

  • Log in to Infinite Campus (IC)
  • Click SLDS on the left menu once in IC.
  • Once in SLDS, click IEP at the top.
Special Education Teachers/SLPs GOIEP Access:
  • To begin using GOIEP a special education teacher or SLP must be assigned to students as the case manager or as a team member.
  • ISCs assign case managers and complete override of timeline dates and Mock IEPs and eligibilities, if needed.

General Education Teachers 

General education teachers do NOT have access to GOIEP at this time.
General education teachers can view student's IEPs that they teach through SLDS.

  • Once in SLDS, the teacher can search for the student and open the student profile in SLDS.
  • Once the profile opens, there will be a link at the top that says 'Access Student's IEP' - click to open the last finalized IEP from GOIEP. 
Which IEP do you see in SLDS?
The last completed/finalized IEP will appear in SLDS. 
IEPs that are still in draft form or not finalized in GOIEP will not show in SLDS until finalized by the case manager. 
Case managers should notify teachers when IEPs are amended or new annual reviews are written. 
Teachers should periodically check the IEP in SLDS to be sure they are using the most current IEP.

What if the student is a student with a disability (SWD) but there is no link to access the IEP in SLDS?
This means the IEP has not been finalized in GOIEP by the case manager or there could be a problem or issue with the student’s file in GOIEP. GOIEP is the program special educators use to write IEPs.
Please let the case manager or ISC know if an IEP is missing in SLDS.

How do I access the IEP in SLDS?
Log in to Infinite Campus
Click SLDS on the left menu
In the search line, copy and paste the GTID number and click search or search by grade and student name
Once the student’s profile opens, you will see a blue link that says 'Access Student IEP'
Click the link to open the pdf IEP. This is the last finalized IEP completed in GOIEP.