IEP Procedures

The Individualized Education Program (IEP) serves as the framework for determining the meaning of the term "free appropriate public education" in the least restrictive environment, a term frequently referenced in the IDEA. IEPs must be developed and reviewed annually and must be in effect at the beginning of each school year. The IEP may be reviewed more than once a year if the parent or the district requests a review.

IEP Procedures:

Developing the IEP Procedures - revised 7/2014

IEP Procedures Reminders for Teachers 

IEP Samples for Teachers 

IEP Annual Review Procedures/Checklist revised 6/2014

IEP Meeting Agenda Sample - revised 7/2014 - general agenda used to guide the flow of the IEP meeting. More specific agendas may be created to address specific concerns or needs in a meeting. Shorter Version.

Parental Consent for Placement - this form should be printed from GOIEP. It is on the IEP tab under audit IEP. This form must be signed after the initial IEP is developed. Initial special education services cannot be implemented without the initial consent for placement signed. If parent does not consent to placement, then the student is not placed in special education and does not receive special education and related services.

Due Process Checklist

GA DOE Resources:

Best Practices in Developing Compliant IEPs Handout - this handout goes along with the 5 modules below in the IEP Webinar series. The handout lists examples of needs, goals, and accommodations in reading and math.

IEP Webinar Series by GADOE This is a webinar services that is divided into five modules with a set of twelve handouts. Each section of the IEP is discussed in depth with both compliant and non compliant examples provided.  

Quick Guide to the IEP created by GADOE