Preschool Referral Procedures

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Preschool Referral to Special Education Procedures:

1. If you know of or have a child from the ages of 3 to 5 that is suspected of having a disability and in need of special education services, please contact our preschool secretary, Christie Mappin, at 770-254-2800.
2. The preschool secretary will obtain contact information and mail parent/guardian the preschool special education referral packet. 

3. Once the referral packet is completed and returned to the preschool secretary, the referral will be given to our Preschool Assessment and Learning Services (PALS) Team. 

4. The Preschool Assessment Team  will contact the parent/guardian within 7 to 10 days of receiving the referral packet.

5. Parent/guardian will be sent consent to evaluate for special education eligibility and consideration. 

6. Once signed consent to evaluate is received, the system has 60 days to complete the child's evaluation and eligibility meeting. The Preschool Assessment Team will contact the parent/guardian to set up an appointment for evaluation. It is important that during this time that strategies and interventions in the areas of concern or weaknesses are continued and monitored and data collected. 

7. Once the comprehensive evaluation is completed, the Preschool Assessment Team will contact parents to schedule the eligibility meeting. 

8. Once the eligibility meeting is held, an IEP meeting will be held and the IEP developed within 30 days of the eligibility meeting, if the child is eligible. 


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