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Accommodations are supports and services provided to students to help them to fully access the curriculum and/or demonstrate their learning. A student with a disability should be provided accommodations that assist him/her to be successful in general education or special education settings. Many types of accommodations can be made, inlcuding, but not limited to the instructional delivery, materials, method of presentation or response, scheduling, evaluations, and settings. For example, a student may need printed materials provided in Braille or additional time to complete assignments. Accommodations are individually determined by each student's IEP team.


Accommodations are instructional adaptations that allow for a student's learning needs but do not lower the level of expectations for the students. Teachers implement accommodations for students with disabilities when they are expected to reach the same level of proficiency as their non-disabled peers. An accommodation that is provided to a student with a disability during assessment should be used routinely during instruction and provide support to the student so the assessment can measure what the student knows and is able to do.

Please refer to the GaDOE Testing Page regarding the GKIDsGeorgia Milestones End of Grade/Course Assessment (GMAS)t and the Georgia Alternate Assessment (GAA)

Please refer to the GaDOE Accommodations Page for allowable accommodations for each assessment.