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Welcome to the Ruth Hill Family!



Ruth Hill Administration

Aaron Corley, Principal

Dwight McDaniel, Assistant Principal

Cheryl McChargue, Assistant Principal

Lucia Woods, Counselor


Front Office Team

Kathy Hinesley, Book Keeper

Kimberlee Smith, Registrar/Attendance Clerk



Susan Waller


PreK Teachers and Paraprofessionals

Lauren Duck, PreK Teacher

Susan Minesinger, PreK Teacher

Elizabeth Ray, PreK Paraprofessional

Maria Hernandez, PreK Paraprofessional


Kindergarten Teachers and Paraprofessionals

Cheryl Richardson, Teacher

Catherine Kelly, Teacher

Concetta Amey, Teacher

Catherine Cyr, Paraprofessional

Christie Davis, Paraprofessional

Earnest Chase, Paraprofessional



First Grade

Linda Bohannon

Meredith Clark

Cara McDonald



Second Grade

Ashley Nelson

Mandy Morris

Austen Martin

Adrienne Aldridge




Third Grade

Marlie Hopkins

Douglas Duncan

Amanda Farmer


Fourth Grade

Molly Breyne

Lindsey McMillan

Meagan Ogletree

Tabathia Rossi



Fifth Grade

Dana DeGennaro

Becky Lewis

Brittany Hajzak

Vanessa McClure



 Instructional Coach

 Kim Crawford 



 Special Needs Teachers and Paraprofessionals

Olivia Hanie, Special Education Teacher/In-School Coordinator

Betsy Dunlap, Special Education

Tracey Beach, Special Education

 Jillian Greenwood, Specal Education

Ashley Bailey, Special Needs Paraprofessional

Traci Houze, Special Needs Paraprofessional

Hannah Poore, Specal Needs Paraprofessional




Autism Center

Jennifer Gonyea, Special Education Teacher

Janette Smith, Special Education Paraprofessional

Sarah PutnamSpecial Education Paraprofessional

Kecia BraunSpecial Education Paraprofessional




Sarah Epps



Early Intervention Program

Sharon Couch

Carrie Hicks


Title I Student Support

Armeka Barber

Jamal Ransby



Gifted Education

Debbie Smith


English-Language Learners

Amber Rhodes



Specials Teachers

Cassie Ferrell, Physical Education

Ashley Jordan, Technology

Tiffany White, Music

Leigh Ann Ware, Art




Media Specialist

Anne Graner



Social Worker

Jewel Simmons

 Linda Bennett (Communities in School Coordinator) 



STOP/Recovery Room

Dorothy Roberts



Permanent Substitute

Matthew Bailey


After School Program

Barbara Newson



Custodial Team

Frankie Gray

Betty Barber

Norrice Jenkins

Jason White



Cafeteria Team

Darlene Byrd, Manager

Carolann Collinsworth

Phov Nix

Terry McEachern

Margie Bryant

Suok Swafford

Elaine Hardy