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Academic Parent Teacher Teams (APTT)


Ruth Hill Elementary School is one of ten schools in the state to implement a new parent-teacher conference model, known as Academic Parent Teacher Teams (APTT). In this model, parents are asked to attend three group meetings  and one individual conference per year. During these meetings, teachers provide parents with data showing how their child performed on essential grade level skills and then provide parents with activities they can do at home to help their child master important skills and concepts. 


We hope that you can join us for these important sessions. If you cannot attend, please feel free to send someone in your place, such as a grandparent, aunt, or older sibling. We look forward to working with you this year and provide you with ways to support your child's school success. 


APTT Dates and Times for 2015-2016 Coming Soon...


Translation and Childcare for school-aged children will be provided




The APTT Model

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