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Directions for Scholarships

Check the requirements for the scholarship to make sure you are eligible.

If the scholarship is due back to the Career Center, we will provide a transcript, you do not need to sign up for one.

If a scholarship is to be mailed directly, you are responsible for providing a transcript. You must sign up and allow 3-5 days for the transcript to be completed.

Please make sure to make a note of the deadline for return.  There are no exceptions.

If your scholarship application has more than one page, please attach all elements, (i.e. essays, financial forms, pictures) together securely or place in a large manila envelope with your name and the name of the scholarship on the outside.

If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Lumme in the Career Center! 


 The following scholarships applications are now available:

**Be sure to check the criteria of the scholarships before applying - List of Scholarship Information/Criteria

Academic Achiever Scholarship Deadline 05/31/17 

B. Davis Scholarship Deadline May 22, 2017  
Abbott and Fenner (A&F) Scholarship Deadline June 12, 2017

Freemont Foundation Scholarship Program Deadline February 3, 2017

Big Sun Scholarship Deadline June 19, 2017

Better Business Bureau Student of Integrity Scholarship - Deadline February 17, 2017 

 Samuel Morris Technical School Scholarship -  Deadline March 1st.

Abby's Angels Scholarship - Deadline March 31st 
Can't Never Could Scholarship -  Deadline March 1st
Orchettes  Scholarship - Deadline March 1st
Henry Kitchens Scholarship - Deadline March 1st
Jackie Robinson Foundation - Deadline Feb. 15th
Dale Krach Memorial Scholarship - Deadline March 1st
Neweta NANBPW Club Scholarship - Deadline March 1st
Pilot Club Scholarship - Deadline March 1st
NGHS Key Club Scholarship - Deadline February 24
JL Glover Scholarship - Deadline Feb 28
Regions Bank Black History Month Scholarships  - - Deadline Feb 28 

  For additional scholarship opportunities, go to