Madras Support Staff  
support collage
Certified Support Staff Food Services Staff
Marian Shulha, In-School SE Coordinator Frances Singleton, Manager
Karen Pitts, Media Specialist Faye Render, Assistant Manager
Georgette Cooper, ETSS Gloria Johnson
Valerie Tate, School Social Worker Debra Grasso
Terri Callahan
Student Support Staff
Shayla Beasley, Paraprofessional Office Support Staff
Conner Cody, Paraprofessional Kate Caswell, Nurse
Adrienne Staples, Permanent Substitute
Jena Fairchild, Attendance Clerk

Diane Vanden Heuvel, Registrar
  Henry Dawkins, Bookkeeper
Facility and Maintenance 
 Jorge Sambucetti, Maintenance Speech Pathologists
  Tammy Charest
School Resource Officer Tammy Stanfield
 Chad Davis, School Resource Officer  
 School Psychologist  
 Jessica Tranquillo  
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CCSS Approved
Instructional Resources

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