Upcoming Events
May 15
Sixth Grade Honors
9:00 am, MMS Gym
May 16
Seventh Grade Honors
9:00 am, MMS Gym
May 17
Eighth Grade Honors
9:00 am, MMS Gym
May 20
Spring Guitar Concert
2:00 pm, Nixon Centre
May 21
Spring Chorus Concert
7:00 pm, Unity Baptist Church
May 21
ELA Miletones Retest
Eighth GRade
May 22
Math Miilestones Retest
Eighth Grade only
May 23
Dream Team Field Trip (8th)
Atlanta Civil Rights Museum
May 24
Team Ignite Field Trip (8th)
Atlanta Civil Rights Museum
May 25
Team Royale Field T rip (8th)
Atlanta Civil Rights Museum
May 25
Last Day of School

Parental Notice of Right to Know
Teacher Qualifications
Welcome to the Eagle Cafe!
Cafeteria Manager, Frances Singleton
Assistant Manager, Faye Render
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Breakfast and Lunch Menus
Note: Menus are subject to change and the cafeteria manager may make substitutions to the menu.
No Charge Letter (No charges beginning May 1st)
Price List for Breakfast
$1.00    Students
$  .30    Reduced
$1.50    Visitor/Staff
$  .50    Milk
Price List for Lunch
$3.00    Students
$  .40    Reduced
$3.00    Visitor/Staff
$  .50    Milk
We are very excited to announce a new item at Breakfast, a "Morning Snack Pack".  It is now a second choice at breakfast. Students and teachers have the option to purchase a regular breakfast or a Morning Snack Pack.  The Morning Snack pack has all the components of a reimbursable meal (with or without a drink) and follows the nutritional guide lines. 

Payments: Parents may pay for their child's meals by cash or check at school or may pay directly online through Mealpay Plus.
  • At School: The cafeteria uses a computerized sales system for all students which allows students to pay in advance. Students may pay in cash in the lunch line daily; however, if a parent wishes to pay weekly, monthly, or yearly, the amount is entered into the student's electronic account on Monday or Tuesday each week. Any remaining balance is refunded at the end of the year. Each time a student eats a school lunch, the amount is subtracted from his/her account as the student ID number is entered into the system. If a child is absent or desires not to eat lunch, the money remains in the account. If a student pays by check, please write your child's full name on the check to ensure the money is entered into the proper account. Students who eat free/reduced lunches will use the same student ID system and must enter their numbers daily.
  • Online: Parents can now use their credit cards and debit cards to pay for lunch charges! Mealpay Plus is a pre-payment system that allows parents to make deposits into their child's meal accounts via the Web. The payment service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is a one-time, free registration for each parent and multiple children at various schools can be accommodated. Payments may be made by phone or over the Internet, with checking or savings accounts through an e-check, or by using debit or credit cards. (There is a 4.75 percent transaction fee for the service.) Read more. Sign up here.

Charges:  If a student does not have money in his/her account, a lunch charge is issued. Students may not exceed two charges. Failure to pay the charge on time or accruing large charge balances will result in denial of future lunch charge privileges until all charges are cleared. Students who have lunch charges may lose the privilege of purchasing additional items such as ice cream until the charge has been cleared.

  • Students must use their own student ID number. They are never permitted to borrow or use another student's number. Using another student's ID number will result in disciplinary action.
  • The cafeteria uses the "offer versus serve" method of meal service which allows students the opportunity to refuse or to take smaller portions of up to three of the five menu items offered for lunch and one of the four menu items offered for breakfast.
  • Choices within the menu items are available.
  • If your child has a food allergy of any kind, a note from the doctor should be submitted to the manager Mrs. Singleton so that his/her account can be flagged, and proper precautions can be made.
  • Only school served lunches or lunches brought from home are permitted during lunch hours. No commercial foods, please.

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