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Dear Coweta County School System Employees and Stakeholders,

Yesterday was an important day in the life of our school system. During a called board meeting at 4:00 p.m., the Coweta County Board of Education and many stakeholders in attendance received the exit report from the AdvancED External Review Team.  This event concluded our evaluation by the external team using a research-based instrument that examined purpose, governance, teaching and learning, resources and fiscal management, and continuous improvement. I am humbled and honored to report that we received a glowing review from the external team.

During the exit report, lead evaluator Dr. Steve Oborn stated that he had never seen scores on the evaluation instrument that were as high as ours.  Having served as an evaluator across the globe and across our country, he stated the we were an "exemplar" that other school systems should look to as a model.  The visiting team described our school system as: "A passionate and caring school system dedicated to excellence, energized by the notion of family, and committed to the success of each student."

During the exit report, Dr. Oborn referenced evidence of engaging classroom instruction, meaningful stakeholder involvement, exemplary leadership by the board of education, strong school and district leadership, autonomy at the school level, fiscal responsibility, and engagement of parents and students.  The team called our students the most well-mannered students they had ever encountered!  The team pointed out that all of our employees were to be commended for striving toward our vision of student success.

Accreditation of a school system is crucial for a community.  Economic development in a community, quality of life in a community, competitive college admissions for students, and the reputation of the school system in part hinge on this important event that occurs once every five years.  Receiving an accreditation evaluation that places the Coweta County School System at the top of the list is outstanding.  You have exceeded the expectations of expert evaluators, and your work has created opportunity for our community and for our students.  I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to each of you for your service to our students and to our community.  You are the best - and an outside team has proven it through this review.

I am fortunate to be able to serve as your superintendent, and our community is fortunate to have each of you working together to make our school system the best in the land.  As Dr. Oborn stated, we are a family.  Thank you and congratulations.

You may see the video of the exit report at: