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The Lee Middle School

2009-2010 Achievements


Principal—Dr. Bob Heaberlin

Assistant Principals—Dr. Cindy Bennett; Dr. Naima Waddy & Dr. Jake Golden

•    Teacher of the Year—Karin Gordon
•    Volleyball—CCMSAL Runner-ups (Coach Robert Doyal)
•    Football—CCMSAL Tournament Champions (Coaches—Pat Harris, Adam Daigler, Rusty Evans)
•    Girls’ Soccer—CCMSAL Undefeated Regular Season Champions (Coach Becky Bush)
•    Girls’ Soccer—CCMSAL Undefeated Cup Champions (Coach Becky Bush)
•    Boys’ Soccer—CCMSAL Cup Champions (Coach Brad Willems)
•    Girls’ Basketball—CCMSAL Tournament Champions (Coach Rusty Evans)
•    Girls’ Track & Field—CCMSAL Undefeated Champions (Coach Becky Bush)
•    Boys’ Track & Field—CCMSAL Champions (Coach Pat Harris)
•    Band—GMEA Large Group Performance Evaluation Superior Ratings (Director Rusty Wilson)
•    Chorus—GMEA Large Group Performance Evaluation Superior Ratings (Director Christy Hauert)
•    Coweta Canathon—34,011 cans collected--#1 in Coweta County Schools