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Middle School Dress Code

In the interest of having a safe, orderly school, which minimizes distractions and maximizes the learning environment, a dress code has been established for all middle school students in the Coweta County School System. Every middle school student is expected to dress and be groomed in accordance with acceptable standards of cleanliness and modesty. Students may wear dresses, blouses, shirts, or any other types of clothing appropriate to the sex of the individual that does not violate the intent of the dress code.

1. If a student chooses to wear shorts or a skirt, the shorts or skirt must be of appropriate length. The appropriate measurement will be determined when the student is standing erect, hands by his/her side, fingertips not extending below the hem of the clothing, maintaining modesty at all times. Biker shorts, spandex apparel, excessively form fitting shirts, shorts, pants, or skirts are not allowed.

2. All shirts, blouses, and dresses must have sleeves. Shirts and blouses must not be excessively long and should not be a safety concern or a disruption. If a shirt is too long, it must be tucked. Clothing should not expose areas of stomach, side, or back. Oversized clothing is not allowed.

3. Pants must be appropriately sized for width and hemmed to a safe length. Underwear should not be visible. Pant size should not hinder ability to move about easily and safely. Pants must be fastened securely at the waist. Pants may not have holes or the appearance of holes above the knees. Overalls or coveralls must be worn properly.

4. No items of clothing are allowed that may be affiliated with gang activity, as defined by administration and law enforcement.

5. No “hardware chains” may be worn as belts, wallet chains, or jewelry. No chains of this type are allowed on school campus or at any school function. No hats, bandanas, or headbands may be worn or displayed during the instructional day.

6. No items may be worn with inappropriate pictures, symbols, or lettering. This includes but is not limited to depictions of alcohol, drugs, or weapons. Statements that might be deemed offensive to others are prohibited. No writing is allowed on the seat of pants or skirts.

7. Pajamas and/or house shoes or slippers may not be worn to school.

8. Shoes with wheels may not be worn to school. Other shoes that may present a safety hazard should not be worn.

 In an effort to address concerns for student safety and welfare, to create a learning environment with minimal distractions, and to reinforce the values of modesty and civility, the administration will be responsible for enforcing this dress code fairly and reasonably. Violations are determined at the discretion of the administration. If students are in violation of the dress code, they will be given the opportunity to correct the violation. If they fail to correct the violation, they may be asked to call home for appropriate clothing and/or may receive disciplinary consequences as determined by the administrative staff.

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