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School History 


The massive growth of Coweta County warranted the addition of a new elementary school in the Shenandoah/Newnan industrial area. Jefferson Parkway Elementary School(JPES) became that realization when its doors opened in August of 1994. The school is located thirty miles southwest of Hartsfield – Jackson International Airport, in Newnan,Georgia, which is known as the “City of Homes”.

Jefferson Parkway Elementary School is an urban school in the heart of the Coweta County School District and provides services for students from Pre – Kindergarten through fifth grade. We host the Pre – Kindergarten program for two other elementary schools (Atkinson and Elm Street). Jefferson Parkway is centrally located between the superintendent’s office and the central office. We are in a rapidly growing commercial and industrial area of the county which brings in hundreds of visitors from the surrounding counties daily.

Jefferson Parkway has continued to experience growth and achieve excellence despite many changes. We continue to be the most diverse school in Coweta County and we cdelebrate this diversity at all times. Jefferson Parkway is on the continuous path of accomplishing its Mission and Vision, but the journey never ends.