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Anthony Rogers, Administrator
Mary Elizabeth Vaughn, SSC Educator


The purpose of the elementary alternative program is to provide an alternative education environment for grade K-5 that offers the students the necessary academic and social tools required to achieve mastery of learning in their regular school environment. An alternative education and environment with a varied setting and activities can do much to change a student's focus toward education and to achieve their potential by providing a safe and challenging environment where standards are high and learning is the priority. The alternative setting provides a positive discipline program with curriculuar alternatives designed to meet the individual needs, abilities, and interests of its students. The non-traditional setting provides these students with the incentives and individual opportunities needed to ensure academic excellence for all students. 

The Student Success Center is a learning environment where students are treated with respect, learn to demonstrate respect, and learn how to estabilish values that will him or her to act with thoughtfulness and humanity.

Message from Administrator: 
The alternative program is committed to providing an educational program that enables all students to maximize their potential in a classroom setting. Understanding that students at the Success Center differ in their needs, interests, ability, and learning styles ensures all students will be thinking, academically proficient, responsible, and productive participants in their education. 
Students are placed into the alternative program through the Office of Student Support Services. The base school administrator must attend a placement meeting with student support services prior to enrollemnt in the elementary alternative schools. A collaborative decision wil be made determining the number of days a student is placed. 

Contact information for Student Services: Evan Horton at 770-254-2810 or John Boren at 770-254-2870.