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 Fundraising – Mike Boscarello
PTO Dues - $5/family
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Snap pictures of your receipts from any store, big or small, that sells grocery
items to earn Roo Points (cash donations) for your school. Whether you’re
shopping at a supercenter, dollar store, or local convenience store - it
doesn’tmatter where you shop or what items you buy - Shoparoo will make
a cashdonation for every receipt! Submit up to 20 grocery receipts within a
rolling 7day period. Some examples of grocery retailers: grocery stores, 
convenience stores, supercenters,club stores, drug stores, and dollar stores. 

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Dear Parents:

This fall the Coweta County Health Department will offer a seasonal FluMist vaccine to children.This vaccine is a nasal mist, not a shot. Minimum age is 4 years of age to receive the vaccine in the schools. We are working closely with the school staff to offer this service again this year.An authorized signature and completed information for your child is required or vaccine cannot be given. If there are any questions about vaccine restrictions, please consult your physician. Complete all areas on the consent form, sign it and put it in the envelope. Write in your child’s school, child’s name, grade, homeroom teacher, and method of payment (personal check, Medicaid and only State of Georgia Employees Health Insurance Blue Cross Blue Shield is accepted).

RED MOVING BULLET All information is confidential.
Parent Letter (English)         Student Consent (English)           Parent Letter (Spanish)        Student Consent (Spanish)

If you have any questions about this program please call 770-254-7400.

Thank you,
Dana M. Scales, RN, BSN
County Nurse Manager
Coweta County Health Department

Pre-K Where Can I Sign Up?

What is Georgia's Pre-K Program?
Georgia's Pre-K Program is a lottery funded educational program for Georgia's four year olds to
prepare children for Kindergarten. Pre-k began as a pilot over 20 years ago with 4- year- olds
from low income families. Today the program serves more than 84,000 children regardless of
household income.

Who is eligible for Georgia's Pre-K Program?
Children four years of age on September 1 of the current school year who are Georgia residents are eligible to attend Georgia's Pre-K Program during this school year. Georgia’s Pre-K Program is voluntary for families and for providers.

Coweta County’s Pre-K Program
Coweta County annually provides services to approximately 550 age eligible four year olds. Our program provides a full day (6.5 hours) of age appropriate instructional services to students. The full day program provides a language-rich environment using the High Scope Curriculum which emphasizes a child-centered learning environment. All teachers are certified with a least a four year degree in Early Childhood Education.Teachers provide instructional activities and learning experiences in the areas oflanguage/literacy, math, art, science, social studies and creative expressions.Each Pre-k class features a lead certified teacher and an assistant. A maximum of twenty-two (22) students receive services in each class. Coweta County is committed to providing a high quality preschool experience in school readiness that will lead to life-long success. Parents are truly valued as a vital component of educating the whole child. Therefore, strong parental involvement is encouraged to ensure success for each of our Pre-k students.

Coweta County Lottery Process 
The Pre-K program is an annual grant that operates based on adequate funding from the approved state legislative budget. Although the lottery is held each year in the Spring for the Fall student selection, it does not guarantee that the funding will be available for the scheduled school year or program. In order to be fair and transparent in our selection for Pre-K students, Coweta County utilizes a lottery process. Unfortunately, each year, we have more students than we do available seats and the lottery affords the opportunity for all registered students to have a fair chance. 

Coweta County Lottery Application/Date
Parents must APPLY at their home school on the selected dates and times:
TBD{All applications must be in by noon on TBD.} (See home school for
more information).

Please bring the following documents to the school in order to be eligible for program 

-Original birth certificate 
-Proof of residency (electric, apartment lease or house contract). Parents may apply ONLY at the school that serves their legal address 
-Child’s Social Security Card  
-Photo Identification

Lottery Drawing:

1:00 PM (Cafeteria)

*For additional information please call or email our Central Office Contact Person: 

Latrina Gates 
Phone: 770-254-2800
Email: Latrina.gates@cowetaschools.net


"From the Heart of John Maxwell" series...
“We have many years to eat and sleep, but how many years do we have to make a difference
in the lives of others?
That’s the highest calling any of us can have:
Living our life so as to intentionally add value to others.

But to do this, we have to make ourselves more valuable.
We have to keep learning, growing, developing . . . and taking responsibility for being
the change we want to see in the world.”
~ John C. Maxwell


beating red heartDifferentiation with Dr. Bishop Video: Part 1 2 3        
        -Minority Achievement Gap PPT (4th grade presentation)
       - Differentiated Instruction PPT Part 1   2 (1st grade)

beating red heartRealizing Rigor Realistically with Dr. Baker
beating red heart How to Engage Underperforming Students

beating red heartGeorgia Milestones Resource Guides 2015-2016 (3rd-8th grade)


ga milestones