State Superintendent of Schools to visit Smokey Road Middle and Newnan High

State Superintendent of Schools Dr. John Barge will be traveling to Newnan to visit two Coweta County Schools on Friday, August 26, just three weeks after the start of the new school year.

Superintendent Barge will spend several hours at Smokey Road Middle School visiting classes and then having lunch with staff and students before traveling to Newnan High School to spend a few hours visiting classrooms.

“The Coweta County School System, Smokey Road Middle School, and Newnan High School are excited to have the opportunity to show off the hard work and success of their staff and students,” said Dr Laurie Barron, principal of Smokey Road Middle school. Barron and Dr. Doug Moore – principal of Newnan High School - plan to demonstrate some of the innovative approaches both schools are using to engage and prepare all students to be college and career ready.

At Smokey Road Middle School, Dr. Barge will be able to see the innovative and highly successful three-teacher math class model the school employs, and some of their approaches with behavior interventions, both of which have contributed to continued improvement in achievement, discipline, and attendance. He will also visit some of the school’s award-winning connections programs and see some of Smokey Road’s efforts with preparing their students to be college and career ready through their students’ work with gacollege411 and their partnerships with our charter high school, the Central Educational Center, and with their feeder high school, Newnan High School. Barron will also be able to show the superintendent some of the other innovations and successes that have led to Smokey Road being named a National Breakthrough School and a stop on last year’s Bus Trip Across Georgia.

At Newnan High School, Dr. Barge will witness first-hand some of the different approaches the school has been using in reading and math programs to help drastically improve achievement for all students, resulting in English and math graduation test pass rates exceeding 90% for all students in 2011. Dr. Barge will also visit the Vietnam War class that is helping bring the Moving Wall to Newnan in October.

The school will also demonstrate their innovative Education 20/20 program in action, where students are involved in credit repair and credit recovery.

Barron was able to invite Dr. Barge to Coweta County when she met him this summer at the Georgia Association of Educational Leaders conference, where she was a presenter.

“Probably the most important thing that Dr. Moore and I want to show Superintendent Barge is the close working partnerships that exist between my school and Newnan High School and the Central Educational Center. We want him to see that we’re really working together to prepare students for college and the work force, and that we have to help students look at college and career from sixth grade on.

For middle school students, some of those partnerships include making sure that students leave the 8th grade with an individualized high school plan, a robotics class at Smokey Road conducted in partnership with CEC, weekly visits to the school music program by Newnan High School’s band teachers, and CEC students who teach at the school as a part of the school system’s Teacher Pipeline program.