Board of Education Meetings - Addressing the Board

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Map of Jackson Street office

In order to improve communication between the Board of Education (BOE) and the citizens of Coweta County, the BOE encourages citizens to attend regularly scheduled board meetings and speak on matters of general public education concerns.

Forty-five minutes will be set aside for this purpose at each BOE meeting, starting at 7:15 p.m.

Please read, sign, and submit the rules/sign-up sheet to Connie Hanson or Dean Jackson to speak at regular board business meetings. Completed sign-up sheets should be faxed to Connie Hanson at 770-254-2807 and may also be submitted in person before the board meeting. Note: Those who wish to submit their sign-up sheet at the board meeting should still notify Connie Hanson or Dean Jackson via e-mail or phone for scheduling purposes.

To sign up to speak, call or e-mail Connie Hanson (770-254-2801) or Dean Jackson (770-254-2736).

Please give your name, school and a brief description of your topic.