September 9, 2014 Board Meeting
Jackson Street – 6:30 p.m.

Call to Order

Pledge Moment of Silence
Approve Agenda


Approve Minutes
08_12_14 minutes
08_12_14 called minutes

Board Committee Reports

Action Items Group I

IA - Appoint Student Tribunal Hearing Officers for 2014-2015
Action Item Group IA

IB - Approve Revisions to Board Policy JCEB - Student Hearing Procedure
Action Item Group IB
JCEB Redlined

IC - Approve FY2016 Capital Outlay Application
Action Item Group IC

ID - Approve Application for Distinguished Bd. Recognition
Action Item Group ID

IE - Authorize Reynolds Smith Scholarship Fund Signees
Action Item Group IE

IF - Approve Soil Remediation at Transportation Facility
Action Item Group IF
Contour Soil Contract

Superintendent Reports

Superintendent's Report Green Sheet

Administrative Services
Attendance Report First 2014-15
Facilities Construction Report

Financial Report FY2014 August
Financial Report FY2015 August
Sales Tax FY2015 August
Sales Tax Comparison FY2015 August

Board Comments

Executive Session

Approve Board Report

Approve Executive Session Minutes