June 10, 2014 Board Meeting
Jackson Street – 6:30 p.m.

Call to Order

Pledge Moment of Silence

Approve Agenda

Approve Minutes
Called Minutes

BOE Committee Reports

Action Items Group I

IA - Adopt Tentative FY2015 Budget
Action Item Group IA
2015 Tentative Budget

IB - Approve FY2015 GSBA Membership Dues
Action Item Group IB

FY2015 GSBA Membership Dues

IC - Approve FY2015 GSBA eBoard Module Subscriptions and Maintenance Service
Action Item Group IC
FY2015 GSBA eBoard Modules Invoice

ID - Approve FY2014 Local Board Governance Training Report
Action Item Group ID
FY14LBOE Completed Governance Annual Trng Rpt

IE - Approve Inclement Weather Make-up Day Options for 2014-15
Action Item Group IE
2014-2015 School Calendar

IF - Approve Annual Subscription to SafeSchools Training Program and SDS Mgmt System
Action Item Group IF
CCSafe Schools Proposal
CCSafeSchools Proposal Document

IG - Approve Letter of Intent for System Flexibility
Action Item Group IG
GaDOE System Flexibility Intent Draft Letter

IH - Approve Purchase of New Maintenance Vehicles
Action Item Group IH

Action Items Group II - Bids

IIA - Approve SFS Bids for Food and Non-Food Items for 2014-15
Action Item Group IIA
SNP Food NonFood Bid

IIB - Approve Custodial Paper Supply Bids for 2014-15
Action Item Group IIB
Custodial Paper Supply Bid

IIC - Approve Custodial Supply Bids for 2014-15
Action Item Group IIC

Custodial Supplies Bid

IID - Approve Custodial and Light Maintenance Bid

Action Item Group IID
Custodial Light Maintenance Bid

Action Items Group III - Trips
Action Item Group III
NHS Trip

Superintendent Reports
Superintendent's Report Green Sheet

Administrative Services
Facilities Construction Report

Attendance Report Ninth 2013-14

Financial Report FY2013 May
Financial Report FY2014 May
Sales Tax FY2014 May
Sales Tax Comparison FY2014 May

Board Comments

Executive Session

Approve Board Report

Approve Executive Session Minutes