January 14, 2014 Board Meeting
Jackson Street – 6:30 p.m.

Call to Order

Pledge Moment of Silence

Approve Agenda


Election of Officers for 2014

Approve Minutes

BOE Committe Reports

Action Items Group I

IA - Approve Date Time Location for 2014 BOE Mtgs
Action Item Group IA

IB - Adopt Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revd 11th Edition
Action Item Group IB

IC - Approve BOE Mbrs Attd at GSBA Trng Sessions
Action Item Group IC

ID - Approve Purchase of CTAE Computers Printers
Action Item Group ID

IE - Set Qualfying Fees
Action Item Group IE

IF - Approve ECHS Change Order
Action Item Group IF

IG - Approve Amendment to MOU between CCSS and the CCWA for Sewer Lines at ECHS and PRd Elementary
Action Item Group IG
Water Authority Poplar Rd ECHS 2nd Amendment.0111014

IH - Approve Course Additions at CEC
Action Item Group IH

Action Items Group III Trips
Action Item Group III

Superintendent's Reports
Superintendent Report Green Sheet

Administrative Services
2013_2014_MB_WDA_AEP Plans
Facilities & Construction Report
CCSS Learning Service Delivery Model
Ethics Disclosure.120910
2013-2014 SIP Maggie Brown
2013-2014 SIP WDA

Financial Report FY2013 December
Financial Report FY2014 December
Sales Tax Comparison FY2014 December
Sales Tax FY2014 December

Board Comments

Executive Session

Approve Board Report

Approve Executive Session Minutes