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June 5, 2019

School System 2018-19 retirees honored at May 30 Banquet and Program

The Coweta County School System and School Board members honored 2018-19 retirees at a banquet on May 30 at the Newnan Centre.

Over 50 retirees and their family members attended the banquet, which was organized by the school system’s Human Resources department and the Coweta County Board of Education. Retirees included teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, custodial staff, bus drivers and technicians, representing hundreds of years of professional experience.

“In the course of your careers, you have carried out the mission of your school and the school system,” Board Vice-Chair Beth Barnett told retirees. “You nurtured the whole child and impacted the lives of so many students for the better.”

Board Chair Amy Dees thanked the retirees for their service and congratulated them on engaging in new phases of their lives. Superintendent Steve Barker said that their service to students, families and schools had “touched lives with a sphere of influence you will never fully know.”

Among those retiring from the Coweta County School System in the 2018-19 school year were:

Sharon Adkins, Arnall Middle

Martha Akins, Arnall Middle

Adrian Anderson, Northgate High

Peniston Arnold, Thomas Crossroads Elementary

Matthew Bailey, Ruth Hill Elementary

Mark Ballou, Central Educational Center Principal

Pam Barfield, Canongate Elementary

Shelia Barnes, Arnall Middle

Mary Bareera, Smokey Road Middle

Kirstie Bassett, Thomas Crossroads Elementary

Alma Beasley, Newnan Crossing Elementary

Lori Bradley, Brooks Elementary

Vickie Bray, After School Program Coordinator

Harold Brim, Evans Middle

Georgia Bryant, East Coweta High

Elisa Bunn, East Coweta High

Melissa Chambers, Welch

Tina Churchill, Northgate High

Elizabeth Collinsworth, East Coweta High

Joyce Colton, Newnan Crossing

Alvin Cooke, Thomas Crossroads

Kim Crawford, Ruth Hill

Amy Dawson, Elm Street

Deborah Duck, Ruth Hill

Wanda Eillis, School Transportation

John Erdogan, Newnan High

Chris Evans, Werz Central Office (Accounting)

Thomas Everett, Newnan High

Bonnie Fain, Northside

Vanessa Gee, Northgate High

Deborah Grasso, Madras Middle

Charles Grovenstein, Evans Middle

Leslie Hayes, White Oak

Beverly Head, Northside

Jodie Hobbs, Newnan High

Ron Howard, School System Operations

Susan Hubbell, East Coweta High

Rena Hudson, Newnan High

Pamela Hughes, Northgate High

Tammy Hyder, East Coweta Middle

Louise Jackson, Poplar Road

Gloria Johnson, Madras Middle

Sandra Khoeis, White Oak

Terrie Levingston, Northside

Sherry Lott, Canongate

Carrie Luckie, Western

Audrey Mallet, Madras Middle

Donna McDaniel, Newnan High

Jimmy McKoy, School System Operations

Sally Millians, School System Head Nurse

Jim Mills, Central Educational Center

Doug Moore, School System Operations Director

Amanda Petite, Smokey Road Middle

Carolyn Pierce, Northgate High

Brown Powell, School Transportation

Catherine Pugh, Northgate High

Susan Quesinberry, Newnan High

Susan Ray, White Oak

Beverly Rodgers, School Transportation

Vicki Shepherd, Werz Central Office

Maria Skandalakis-Carroll, Werz Central Office

Evelyn Smith, Jefferson Parkway

Nadene Smith, Northgate High

Diane Smith Hollins, Moreland

Lori Stockham, White Oak

Sharon Sutton, Thomas Crossroads

Kathy Tingle, Poplar Road

Beth Travis, Newnan High

Carol Tucker, Newnan High

Janice Wallace, Welch

Ron Wolfe, Northgate High

Linda Woodruff, Poplar Road

Alfredo Zavaleta, East Coweta High

2019 Retirees (all)

2018-19 Coweta school system retirees honored at a dinner on May 30 included, left to right, front Row, Sharon Adkins, Martha Akins, Adrian Anderson, Matthew Bailey, Shelia Barnes, Mary Bareera, Kirstie Bassett, Alma Beasley, Lori Bradley, Harold Brim, Melissa Chambers, Tina Churchill; second row Elizabeth Collinsworth, Kim Crawford, Amy Dawson, Deborah Duck, Wanda Eillis, Thomas Everett, Bonnie Fain, Vanessa Gee, Leslie Hayes, Beverly Head, Jodie Hobbs, third row Tammy Hyder, Louise Jackson, Gloria Johnson, Terrie Levingston, Carrie Luckie, Audrey Mallet, Donna McDaniel, Jimmy McKoy, Sally Millians, Doug Moore, Amanda Petite, Brown Powell, back row Catherine Pugh, Susan Quesinberry, Susan Ray, Diane Smith Hollins, Evelyn Smith, Nadene Smith, Sharon Sutton, Kathy Tingle, Beth Travis, Carol Tucker, Ron Wolfe, and Linda Woodruff.

2019 Retirees Millians and Moore

Coweta County School System head nurse Sally Millians is congratulated on her career in the school system, along with school system Safety and Operations Director Doug Moore, on May 30. They were among 50 system retirees honored at a May 30 banquet.

2019 retirees Ballou

Central Educational Center High School Program Principal Mark Ballou retired this year after 38 years of a career in education. Nearly half of his tenure was spent presiding over CEC’s high school program (and the later addition of middle grades at the charter school), nearly since the unique charter school’s inception. He is pictured above, center, with CEC staff on the last day of the 2018-19 school year.

2019 Retirees Crawford

Ruth Hill Elementary School retiring teacher Kim Crawford is congratulated by Board of Education members Beth Barnett and Sue Brown.