Monday, 3/18 

Art Club

Tuesday, 3/19

LGPE Rehersal

School Council at 4:15

Evans west/east FIELD events

Wednesday, 3/20


Band LGPE Performance at Performing Arts Center at 2:30

Evans west/east RUNNING events

Thursday, 3/21

World Down Syndrome Day - Wear Crazy Socks

Friday, 3/22

Report Card Issued


Important Links


2019 GMAS Testing Schedule


Family's Guide to Georgia's CCRPI


2018-19 Supply List


Evans Middle School Dress Code


2018 Coweta County Schools Student Accident Insurance Forms


Free and Reduced Lunch Information


Free and Reduced Lunch Information (Spanish)


Free and Reduced Lunch Application


Title I Upcoming Meetings and Dates
March 28, 2018 - GMAS Showcase Day Parent Workshop (all day)

Connect with Evans

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We invite all parents to review these Title I items and provide any suggested enhancements. You may email your comments and suggestions to or  


Parents Right to Know

At the beginning of each year, school districts must notify parents of children attending Title I schools that they can request information regarding their children's teachers, including, at a minimum, information
     1. on completion of state requirements for licensure and certification
     2. emergency or other provisional status
     3. educational background; and
     4. whether paraprofessionals are serving the child and if so, the
         paraprofessionals' qualifications.
Coweta County School System extends this notification request to all schools (Title I and Non-Title I schools). 
School Improvement Plan for Reading and Math Implementation
Parent Advisory Board
Parent Information Center
EMS Family and Community Engagement Policy


CCSS Engagement Policy
School Family Compact

Migrant Education Program 

2017-2018 Migrant Education




McKinney-Vento Program

McKinney Vento-Families in Transition- Spanish version

Right to know- Spanish 

Intradistrict transfer letter- Spanish 


McKinney Vento- Families in Transition

Right to know

Intradistrict transfer letter