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Teacher Resources

Website Links/Student Resources - Websites to help you and your students conduct research.

Reading Counts - Instructions for entering basic information and printing reports.
Lexile Information - Website for Lexile Map and other Lexile tools.

United Streaming - Please see a media specialist for instructions on account set-up.

Georgia Public Television - Information and schedules. Please e-mail a media specialist if you need a program recorded.

Education World - Lesson planning and professional development resources.

Request for Video Approval - To have a major motion picture video approved for classroom use, complete this form and include a GPS lesson plan. This is a county-wide form.

Copyright for Educators - Please follow copyright guidelines. If you are in doubt, please e-mail your question to a media specialist for clarification.

Collaborative Planning - Please complete the following form when signing up for media center research. This is a county-wide form.

Georgia Performance Standards - Information and resources on the new Georgia Performance Standards.

Approved Classroom Novels/English Department - This information is available in the media center. Please come to the media center to sign up for use of a classroom set. (English department only)