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Reading Counts! Reports
Use the Reading Counts Reports button to view up to twenty different reports.
The most commonly used reports are the:
 Reading Report Card - a comprehensive summary of quiz results
Parent Letter - communicates student progress and goals to parent or guardian
 Average Quiz Score - shows average quiz results for an individual student over a period of time
To view a description of each report, simply click on the name of the report and the preview box on the right side of screen displays a description of the report.
Scholastic Reading Inventory Reports
Use the Scholastic Reading Inventory Reports to view up to sixteen different reports.
The most commonly used reports are the:
Targeted Reading Report - displays student Lexile scores
Parent Letter -updates parent or guardian on a student's reading level and progress
Growth Report -identifies how much growth a student has made between the first SRI test and the last SRI test in the chosen date range
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