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What is Reading Counts?
Reading Counts!is a program designed to provide independent reading practice for students in grade K-12.

What does the Lexile score indicate?
The Lexile score is determined by the results of the Scholastic Reading Inventory test (SRI). The score from this test is called a "lexile score". The Lexile Map explains the score.

How can students find a Reading Counts! book?
The OPAC (Online Patron Access Catalog) has a search specifically for Reading Counts! books. Choose either the "lexile" or "RC" tabs at the top and follow the prompts. You may search by subject area or by lexile score.To view book information, double-click on the title.

How are books identified as being a "Reading Counts!" book?
All Reading Counts! books are marked with a yellow dot on the spine. Inside the front cover you will find a label with the lexile level of the book.

When may students take a test?
Reading Counts! is accessible from any school computer. Students may take a test in a classroom or in the media center. The media center is open from 7:30 am - 4:30 pm.

How do you take a test?
Log on to a computer. From the "Program" menu, choose Scholastic Reading Counts! When prompted, enter first name and last name in the username box. Enter student ID number in the password box.

Last updated on 11/17/06 by Beth Matheny