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Why use Reading Counts?
Reading Counts! provides students with opportunities to...


Read what they like. Students choose from age- and level-appropriate books literature that appeals to their interests. 


Get instant feedback. Personalized quiz results and progress reports let students track their achievement. 


Earn points based on the length and complexity of each book they read, helping to establish concrete goals.


Improve reading comprehension through independent reading practice.


Getting started:
Before you can enter a class, the students must be entered into the Reading Counts! program by the media center. If you have ninth grade students or new students, please send a class roster to the media center at least one day in advance. Include the following information: full name, grade, and student identification number.
Example: Matheny, Beth Ann - 12th - 37812

To send your roster via e-mail, click on the e-mail link below.
To view instructions in Microsoft Word on how to enter a class, click the "Printable Instructions".
To see step-by-step views of entering a class, click on the "PowerPoint Instructions".

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your roster via e-mail to beth.matheny@cowetaschools.net

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Printable Instructions

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