Coweta County Schools Curriculum Connection Pages are meant to be used as an extension of what is going on in the classroom
and to give students and teachers an opportunity to review, reinforce, practice, research, extend, and apply curriculum based skills.

Band Chorus Music Appreciation Music in Education

1 Beginner's Guide to High Quality Music

1 Come Play With Us

1 Folk Music of the American Revolution

1 Just For Kids

1 Listen, Write, Rap

1 Rhyme Zone

1 Room 108 Singing

1 Skeeter's Music Machine

1 World Beat Music Mixer

1 Land of Music

1 Little Animals

1 Medieval and Renaissance Instruments

1 Campfire Sing A-Longs

1 Opera Class

1 Strings

1 New York Phiharmonic KidZone

1 The Piano Player

1 Red Hot Jazz Archives

1 Intervals

1 Classic Composers Database

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